PornHub Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies Via PumaPay

Following its subsidiary, Tube8, accepting VIT tokens as payment, PornHub has now partnered with PumaPay to accept cryptocurrencies for monthly subscriptions.

From Fiat to Crypto

As reported by PCMag, PumaPay provides something called a “PullPayment protocol,” which provides a never-before-seen way to validate transactions on a blockchain. The payment provider was developed by Decentralized Vision, a blockchain company located in Cyprus.

In a statement, CEO of PumaPay Yoav Dror clarifies:

“PumaPay’s technological solution, the PullPayment protocol, reverses the mechanics of a transaction, enabling merchants to ‘pull’ crypto funds from their customers’ account. With PumaPay, merchants avoid the drawbacks of the current banking systems, such as high transaction costs, the insecurity of chargebacks (reverse transactions) and associated fines, and the lack of customer anonymity.”

The collaboration comes as a small surprise, however, as PornHub has already accepted coins such as TRON (TRX), ZenCash (ZEN), and Verge (XVG). The VP of PornHub, Corey Price, realizes the importance of cryptocurrencies and privacy:

“As one of the most viewed websites in the world with over 90 million daily visitors, it is our duty to stay at the forefront of innovation and ensure the privacy of our users. As decentralized payment systems continue to grow in popularity, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.”

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Monthly Porn Subscriptions on the Blockchain

PornHub and its subsidiaries aren’t the only adult-content oriented brands to delve into the digital asset. Back in March, Playboy revealed it was developing a cryptocurrency wallet of its own. However, the company ended up suing Global Blockchain Technologies for not following up on an agreement.

Adult-oriented content providers are usually big on providing anonymity to their users. On top of being crypto friendly, PornHub recently began a free VPN service to users, while also switching to the encrypted HTTPS last year.

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