Lisk [LSK] announces release of Lisk Elements 1.0.0, a boon for developers?

Recently, the prominent blockchain application platform, Lisk posted a blog on their Twitter handle, announcing the release of their latest general-purpose JavaScript library, Lisk Elements 1.0.0. The release is going to be used in many of their own products including the Lisk Hub and Lisk Commander.

The development team affirmed that the release is designed mainly for JavaScript developers and it will replace LiskJs as their main resource for all Lisk-associated JavaScript functionality.

Lisk [LSK]'s official announcement | Source: Twitter

Lisk’s official announcement | Source: Twitter

The blockchain project’s primary project runs on nodes which comprises the Lisk network. The team stated that in the beginning, in order to carry out certain procedures such as submitting transactions to the client’s end, the platform resorted to using LiskJS. The program was then used to forward HTTP requests to the public API of a node.

Because this software was a swift solution for duplicating specific functions to be used on the client side, the outcome was not what normal client-side architecture should have looked like, said the team.

The development team further stated that the reason for developing Lisk Elements was to revamp the structural design of the JavaScript library from the ground up, effectively removing the issues faced while using LiskJS.

Twitter user, Cryptomoon666 commented:

“Oh look another blog, not about the SDK.”

Giovann34294816, a Twitterati added:

“Hey I have a question will u get all of the exchanges to support for your mainnet release.”

The core team affirmed that although they have been primarily focusing on developing v1 of Lisk Elements, they have made important progress in the ensuing versions of the software as well. They also mentioned that the release of Lisk Core v1.0.0, a software that is sure to subvert the entire Lisk network, is near at hand.

In their official blog, Lisk stated:

“Lisk Elements–as a JavaScript library–is used by almost all of our other products but does not depend on any of them directly. Therefore, we’re releasing v1.0.0 of Lisk Elements first in a wave of product releases related to this update.”

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