HTC Set to Launch Blockchain-Capable Phone with Litecoin Support

Blockchain technology continues to be one of the most exciting emerging technologies in the modern world, and smartphone manufacturers are beginning to become aware of the potential benefits of decentralized technology. Recently, many companies seem to be mulling the idea of incorporating blockchain capability into their devises. HTC has decided to join this league by launching a new phone, called the HTC Exodus, designed to be blockchain-capable.

Details of the HTC Exodus

Taiwanese electronics maker, HTC, announced in May that it would be launching a new phone called Exodus. This phone when launched, would be the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone. This is a significant step for the electronics company. The device will double as a mobile connecting point to blockchain networks and as a storage device for major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to the company, every HTC Exodus model will be a node which will enable its users to own their identity and data on the device. Also, the phone will come with a cold storage wallet for digital currencies. In a statement made by Phil Chen, HTC’s chief crypto officer, the company plans to begin distributing the new phone by the end of 2018, though no specific date was provided.

A presale has already begun, and interested individuals can start ordering their HTC Exodus with bitcoin or ether before the release date. This is according to Chen. The company made a previous statement in July 2018, saying that the phone will also support Cryptokitties.

Charlie Lee and Litecoin’s Involvement in the HTC Blockchain Phone

One of the persons getting involved in HTC’s Exodus, is Charlie Lee, the former-Googler-turned-Litecoin creator. The electronics company had said that it would offer support for Litecoin. Lee took to his Twitter account yesterday to announce that he had met with the HTC Exodus team, saying:

The Taiwanese electronics company is, however, not the first phone company venturing into blockchain. Electronics company, Sirin Labs, recently revealed its $1,000 blockchain-powered smartphone, Finney.

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