Green Market This Friday, Altcoins Take Back Control, VeChain Still On Top


For a change, the altcoins seem to be moving on its own this Friday without the need for a big push from Bitcoin, the dominant coin in the crypto markets. The past day has seen several tokens including VeChain, Cortex, Populous, and Nano shatter the double-digit gains with up to 50% gains.

The market is continuously recovering. The market cap has now reached $213 Billion after a low of $191 Billion from Tuesday but the daily volume is still stuck at $14.8 Billion. As we enter the weekends, we might see a drop from here which could scare the skittery buyers once again.  

Bitcoin has been holding on to $6400 and has posted a minimal gain at 0.76%. Early this morning, it retraced back to $6300 and has even tested the $6200 support before it made an upward movement. Currently, it is trading at $6473 and could push up to its next major resistance at $6600 if buyers appear and push the momentum. On the downside, sellers could appear and cash out immediate gains. Current support is at $6300 and $6200.

The Ethereum captured the bull by its horns and forced its way back to $300. It is 2.34% higher today and it looks like it could still push upwards. Yesterday, it was trading in range around $280 before making a dash for $290. Currently, it is trading at $301 and needs to break $304 in order to gain momentum.

Among the Top 10, XRP made the most progress today. It has posted 7.01% growth for the past 24 hours. It is currently trading at $0.31. XRP has been on the downtrend for the past months and for the week, it is still down by 7.5%. Monero is still doing good on its recovery at $95.14 and 4.14% gain for the day. The rest of the Top 10 are sitting nicely with 2-3% gains.  

For the Top 20, most are in gains with the exception of ETC which is actually down for the day at -2.50% despite it now being available at Coinbase. VeChain is still on top for the second day after seeing some good news on the market regarding a NASDAQ news article on blockchain vaccine tracing solution for China. It has jumped $0.014 and has posted 40.27% gain on the day. The token has now mostly recovered most of its loses for the past 2 weeks. TRON is also rising and up by 7.06% on the day. Zcash, NEO, NEM and Binance Coin is between 4-5% growth each.

Overall, it is a recovery day for the TOp 100 with only Mixin and TenX being on the red. There are a couple of pumps going for some obscure coins like Cortex at an amazing 87.96%. It remains to be seen if it’s just a classic pump and dump. Populous is doing well too, at 58.91% and trading at $6.33. Nano, PundiX, and Ontology are between 30-40% growth on the day. About 20% of the Top 100 are in a double-digit gain and it is nice to see the altcoins taking charge today.

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