Gamer Creates Bitcoin Treasure Hunt in Computer Game “No Man’s Sky”

An avid gamer by the name of Jon Creasy has added a stash of Bitcoin to a computer game called “No Man’s Sky”. Creasy hopes the gesture can act as a catalyst to get more gamers involved in the cryptocurrency space. Many experts believe that gaming and the emerging crypto movement can benefit greatly from each other.

Bitcoin Hidden in “No Man’s Sky”

In an August 2, 2018 post on Hackernoon, Creasy explained how he and his brother decided to hide some Bitcoin in the vast computer game. According to the post, 0.004 BTC (about $30 at the time) were placed in two locations in the game. Both sites contain one-half of the seed needed to access the wallet holding the BTC stash.

No Man’s Sky is an immense game that can take a significant amount of time to navigate. Avid gamers might enjoy the added thrill of looking for Bitcoin amidst the 18 quintillion planets the game is reported to contain. No Man’s Sky was first launched a couple of years ago but was reissued in July with some expanded features that were added to improve the gaming experience.

Cryptocurrency and Gaming

In recent times, there has been a developing intersection of the gaming and cryptocurrency industries. Gaming distribution platform Steam started accepting BTC payments in 2016 via a partnership with BitPay. However, when Bitcoin fees skyrocketed back in 2017, the company discontinued the policy. With BTC fees now back at a much lower level, Steam may once again embrace Bitcoin payments.

GMO Internet, one of the largest internet technology firms in Japan, has also sought a melding of gaming and cryptocurrency. Apart from its large crypto mining operation, the company recently launched CryptoChips, a service that allows game developers to rewards players with cryptocurrencies. Players of such games earn rewards by completing milestones and unlocking in-game accomplishments.

Establishing Cryptocurrency as a Mainstream Currency Option

According to Creasy, the decision to embed BTC in the game was based on a desire to improve the adoption of virtual currencies in mainstream circles. In his post on Hackernoon, Creasy talked about happening upon a Twitter poll which asked what would materially increase the number of daily active users from one million to ten million.

Explaining his position, Creasy said:

“As you can see the winner was Remittances & P2P payment, but I voted for Gaming & Collectables, primarily because of the insane audience that makes up the gaming community (for more on this, see my article here). That got me thinking, how can I help spread the adoption of crypto among gamers? One fun solution that presented itself was hiding Bitcoin in video games.”

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