Ethereum [ETH] Chrome App bugged after Ledger invites users to join Ledger Live

On 3rd August, Ledger wallet’s official Twitter handle posted three tweets in a row regarding a bug in the Ethereum Chrome app of the wallet. The tweets also conveyed that this could have originated from an update telling their user base to use Ledger Live. The initial tweet read:

“There is currently an issue on the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome application, showing on screen a static address (same for all users). This looks more like a bug than a compromission. Engineering is working on it, we’ll know more soon. PLEASE USE ONLY LEDGER LIVE / MEW MEANWHILE”

The existence of a bug was confirmed in Ledger’s second tweet. The update that triggered the bug was an invitation to the users to use Ledger Live instead of the Chrome application. As the result, a wrong address was being displayed on the computers. Ledger also wrote:

“Ledger will cover 100% of all losses due to the issue.”

However, in the third and last tweet [at press time] on the matter, the blockchain firm said that it has been forced to shut down its ETC and ETH infrastructures. It also informed its users that the services will be re-activated by around 3:00 PM CET.

Ledger Live is an alternative to the Chrome app used by the customer base of Ledger wallet. On Ledger Live, the users can operate all accounts in one place on all Ledger devices. Here, users can check their balance, manage currencies and exchange digital assets.

Screenshot of Ledger Live | Source: Ledger official

Screenshot of Ledger Live | Source: Ledger official

Satoshi’s Vision, a Twitter handle and follower of Ledger on one tweet commented:

“Covering 100% of all losses is the classy thing to do, but also the only *right* thing to do. Kudos none-the-less.”

Another follower, Salty, expressed an opinion on the Ledger Live update and wrote:

“Are you dropping support for the Chrome Apps. I don’t like the way Ledger Live is being pushed as if it’s the only option.”

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