Ethereum Classic [ETC]’s development update for July

On 3rd August, Ethereum Classic [ETC] posted a blog on Twitter summarizing the developments that the blockchain-based platform made in the month of July. The blog covered updates related to additions made to the core team, project developments at hand and other community-related progress.

Ethereum Classic Development Team Update link posted on Twitter | Source: Twitter

ETCDEV Team’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The Ethereum Classic Development Team stated that they had three new additions to their core team. Brooke Evans joined the Human Resources division and Donald McIntyre was welcomed to the Business Development section. Mike Lubinets was added to the team as Rust Developer.

July was the month of the release of two ongoing projects for the development team. Under the Classic Geth project, the team made public the Geth release v5.5.0.

The development team, regarding their release, said:

“Geth is a multipurpose command line tool that runs a full Ethereum Classic node with 3 interfaces;  the CLI subcommands & options, the JSON-RPC server and Interactive JavaScript console.”

The ETC team has also made improvements to the Emerald Platform, which is made up of three components; the Emerald Suite [a toolkit coded in Rust and JavaScript], Geth, and SputnikVM [proposes a collection of features that is advantageous to several kinds of businesses].

The Emerald-Js release v0.1.6  that was made public by the team in July is an update of the Emerald-Js project that falls under the Emerald Platform improvements.

As a community development initiative, the Founder and CTO of the ETCDEV [Ethereum Classic Development] Team, Igor Artamonov was in conversation with Christian Seberino. The two conversed on Seberino’s YouTube channel about all things Ethereum Classic and the growth and development it has seen since the past 2 years.

The team also visited the city of Kraków in Poland and had profound discussions about decentralized computing solutions and how ETCDEV can contribute in more ways to the Ethereum community at large. ETCDEV further made an announcement regarding their visit to Forklog, a cryptocurrency coworking space as well as an incubator.

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