DISH TV adds support for Bitcoin Cash [BCH] payments: Adoption on the rise?

DISH announced that they will be adding Bitpay as a payments provider, which will allow them to process payments in Bitcoin [BTC], which they started accepting in 2014. Moreover, they also announced that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] would be a payment option for customers.

DISH is also migrating from its former payment processor to Bitpay, allowing customers to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to pay for monthly subscriptions. This is to the joy of DISH customers, as DISH reports having a “steady volume of customers” who pay with cryptocurrencies every month.

Estimates put the number of subscribers to DISH’s services at around 13.2 million, which comfortably opens up the adoption for Bitcoin Cash. The fourth-largest cryptocurrency has been struggling with adoption even as its architecture is built for use by vendors. With the option offered to pay for their monthly television charges, more people who are not involved in cryptocurrency will be involved as well.

John Swieringa, DISH’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, stated that the addition of Bitcoin Cash as a cryptocurrency is to cater to their users, who have “adopted a new way of doing business”.

Moreover, he implied that more ‘choice’ will be offered to the consumer, stating:

“We have a steady volume of customers paying with cryptocurrency each month, and BitPay will allow us to continue offering more choice and convenience to our customers.”

Bitpay’s solutions are integrated into upwards of 40 online marketplaces and aim to service the cryptocurrency community as a whole. Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay, also remarked on the relationship. The partnership is conducted with a goal of a “seamless transition” for customers, allowing those currently paying in Bitcoin to continue doing so, with the added choice of paying with Bitcoin Cash. He stated:

“Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular way for consumers to make purchases online as it reduces credit card fraud and is cheaper for the merchants.”

Jan Yakira, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, stated on the partnership:

“Bitcoin Cash sorely needs this kind of adoption. Moving value is what the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is built for, notwithstanding the various arguments that come with block size changes. This will move Bitcoin Cash into a prime position to be drive adoption among the mainstream. It might as well be the move the Bitcoin Cash community needs.”

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