Dash partners with Arizona State University to increase its blockchain scalability

Recently, Dash had collaborated with the Arizona State University Blockchain Research Lab to explore scaling challenges for the Dash blockchain. On 31st July, the cryptocurrency network announced their research findings and the possible opportunities they have identified.

ASU Blockchain Research Lab is a research center that aims to advance the exploration and advancement of blockchain-based technologies. The intent is to adopt blockchain technology for the purpose of Business, Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science and other fields of possible reach and impact.

The goal of the $350,000 collaboration was to discuss major concerns that the cryptocurrency network and blockchain technology face and the probability of finding solutions for increasing scalability among the Nakamoto networks as well.

The research is financed by Dash’s singular treasury system and comprises of funds allocated for the Blockchain Research Lab as well as a Dash Scholars program.

Ryan Taylor, the Dash Core CEO says:

“Scalability has been a key challenge for the blockchain industry, but the lack of academic research into the issue has been notable. The implication of this research is prodigious not only for Dash but for crypto as a whole.”

He further added:

“First, it means we can continue increasing block size and network capacity to at least five times our current capacity in the near term. This means we will soon have 40 times the capacity of the Bitcoin network and a credible path to scaling further in the future.”

The focus of the ASU team, [headed by Dragan Boscovic and researchers Nakul Chawla and Darren Tapp] is to simulate contrasting block size and its scaling schemes for the Dash network.

The ASU research lab stated that every attempted simulation was applied to networks with at least 6,000 nodes. Also, the lab affirmed that simulations were run adequately to simulate a total of 700 blocks.

Professor Dragan Boscovic, the Director of the ASU Blockchain Research Lab and professor in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering said:

“Through this research, which was made possible by our partnership with Dash, we were able to investigate the scaling limitations of the Dash network while also exploring various block propagation techniques.”

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