Dash continues its bullish run, ZB.com shows a surge in Dash transactions

On 28th August, it was noticed that Dash, which has been on quite a surge over the past week, was trading majorly on an exchange called ZB.com. CoinMarketCap showed that ZB.com held 29.55%  of the total market volume of the DASH/USDT pair while the exchange held a 28.54% volume of DASH/BTC trading pair.

ZB.com is a cryptocurrency exchange based in China. The exchange gives the option of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading and a limited option for cryptocurrency to fiat exchange.

Dash has been enjoying quite the bullish run, with the coin surging past expectations on the value scale. At the time of writing the cryptocurrency was on a 27.21% rise with a market cap of $1.543 billion. The coin was trading at $186.31 and was holding a 24 hour market volume of $337.130 million.

Mark Mason, the International Outreach Coordinator of Dash in an exclusive with AMBCrypto stated that:

“My gut feeling is Dash was much oversold and was due a market correction. Half of the cryptos above us don’t have working products or real-world use and merchant adoption. It may just be as simple as that. Also Dash is in short supply as we’re the scarcest coin in top 15. So it takes less to move the markets.”

Dash has been on quite a roll in the Latin American community with the last update being Dash’s partnership with Kripto Mobile Corporation. This partnership is aimed to benefit the Latin American community by making cryptocurrency transactions easier and more seamless.

Bradley Zastrow, the Dash Core Group Head of Global Business Development stated:

“We all know that fiat payments take too long and cost too much, and that cryptocurrencies have the potential to affect real change, especially for people experiencing hyperinflation where cryptocurrency is less volatile.

Dash’s quiet surge has been given multiple boosts with just last week, Max Keiser in a video calling Dash as the cryptocurrency that realizes the ‘Satoshi vision’. Keiser had stated that Dash predominantly succeeded in making an impact in the remittance market. This was backed by an earlier exclusive conducted by AMBCrypto where Mundo Mascotas, a trader from Venezuela had stated that Dash was used by the Venezuelan diaspora as a “tool for remittances”.

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