Cryptocurrency Forecast for the End of the Year

2018 seems like a promising year for Cryptocurrency. In 2017, bitcoin had its greatest increase ever. Ether and altcoins also increased in value. For example, XRP went up 3,977%, RabbitCoin acquired a +619% increase, Xenixcoin increased by +504% and Yescoin increased by +400%. Others include CageCoin which increased by +352% and BTCGold which got a +350% increase in value.

  1. How various Cryptocurrencies are likely to look like in 2018

  2. Bitcoin

    This is peer-to-peer internet electronic cash which is decentralized. There is no central bank and 3rd party to operate.

    In 2018, it is possible for bitcoin to encounter a crippling course correction or go on with its rapid growth. It is also possible for it to achieve both.

    In November 2017, bitcoin plunged almost thirty percent before it rebound to hit the 10,000 dollars price range. This rebound entailed fueling market anxiety the new investors’ fear of missing out. This will result to the cost of bitcoin continuing to go up and the affirmations that bitcoin has joined the bubble territory will intensify.

  3. Ethereum

    This is a decentralized platform that operates smart contracts. Applications operate as they are programmed and censorship, time-out, 3rd party interruption and fraud are not probable.

    Ethereum is emerging so quickly as the main Cryptocurrency. It has gone up consistently previously and in 2017 it rose up to 3600%. This is the main reason why many investors are seeing it as a long lasting investment bet.

    Ethereum offers decentralized processing power and bandwidth. This makes it different from all other tokens and that is why its value is likely to go up in 2018.

    Other reasons that can make the value of Ethereum go up in 2018 include:

  • Increased application uses
  • More businesses switching to the decentralized cloud-based application
  • Increase in the use of smart contracts

Ethereum is actually expected to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency in 2018. This is according to the market cap and this is the same reason why it is likely to go up consistently over the years. So, if you want to invest in a cryptocurrency, consider Ethereum. It has a firm application and a great potential of increasing in value.


With altcoins, many people are likely to make huge runs in 2018. For example, Siacoin is number forty in the globe. It has a market capitalization of over two hundred million dollars. However, it is among the few coins which have a product to their name. Its centralized storage space that it gives to owners is hacker confirmation. It is more effective than conventional cloud service that the others use.

  1. Steem

    The other Cryptocurrency that is likely to do well in 2018 is Steem. This is possible because it is open to everyone. It does not required expensive GPUs and CPUs to mine it. It originally came from Steemit (a social media where it is earned through logging). When you do a post, users will vote on it and you earn Steem.

  2. Conclusion

    People are advised to invest in altcoins because they might lack the means to invest in Ethereum and Bitcoin which have already skyrocketed. But it is only few people with money that can consider the 2nd best alternatives. Most people are likely to go for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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