Brave Browser Reaches 10 Million Downloads on Google Play

It was only a couple of months ago that Brave Software revealed a 3 million download count for its app in the Google Play Store. Soon afterward, the crypto-powered browser announced tipping users on Twitter and Reddit via their Basic Attention Token (BAT.) Now, the team is celebrating double the downloads from May, hitting a total of 10 million, CCN reports.

Selective Browsing

Brave, a browser with features like selectively blocking advertisements, enables users to reward content creators with the BAT token. The project is looking to move the Internet away from an ad-based revenue model. Instead of facing advertisements, consumers can personally select to reward publishers so they still receive payment for their work. Users can pay on a case-by-case basis or set automatic payments to their favorite creators.

Ever since their ICO in the summer of last year, Brave has been a favorite among heavy internet users. The sale made $36 million in just 30 seconds, which broke a record for the highest profit made by an ICO at the time.

The promotion was helped by YouTube and Twitch stars all looking to make a profit from somewhere besides advertisements. The idea is somewhat similar to Steemit, though it applies to the entire Internet over just one social media website.

Widespread Acceptance

Earlier this month, Brave had more than 13,500 YouTube channels, 5,300 websites, and 1,100 Twitch streamers supporting BAT payments. This is a massive success for the platform, as converting users to other browsers is a difficult task.

Project founder Brendan Eich predicted 5 million users by the end of 2018 back in July, though the reality is much more exciting than that. The good news is one in a string of positive events for Brave, with the browser reaching the Top 10 category in “Free Communication Apps” on the Google Play Store in July as well. Finally, Eich detailed his plans for the future of Brave a couple of weeks ago.

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