Blockport joins hands with Bitfinex, raises deposit limits to 50,000 EUR per user

On 14th August, Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockport announced in its official blog that it will welcome Bitfinex [Hong-Kong base cryptocurrency exchange] as its second external exchange platform.

In their official blog, they stated:

“In line with the Bitfinex integration, we are also happy to confirm that our deposit limits will be raised from 2,500 EUR per user, to a monthly limit of 50,000 EUR per user. This will greatly open our doors for larger traders to use the Blockport platform! “

Blockport’s main aim in integrating with external exchanges is to “aggregate liquidity”. They claim that this offering will help provide end users with the best possible prices to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The company first tied hands with Bitstamp a Bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg.

Blockport currently supports Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Ripple [XRP] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and will rapidly expand in the future they say.

The platform’s key advantages include the following:

  • Fiat Gateway- Buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Blockport platform with Euro.
  • Trade Crypto- The Blockport trading platform is designed for both beginners and advanced traders.
  • Mobile & Desktop-Manage portfolio from the personal dashboard from anywhere in the world.

After the launch of the platform in Europe, the Dutch company revealed its plans to enter the U.S market. Furthermore, the company intends to compete against market leaders like Coinbase. Blockport said:

“Given the rapid growth of Blockport and high demand from the US market for an alternative to the largest cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the company is planning to expand its European operations to the US.”

Blockport claims that amongst half a million crypto-investors, 20% are located in the United States. The statistics urge them to set up their exchange in the US too.

Sebastiaan Lichter, Founder and Chief of products at Blockport, said that enthusiasm in cryptocurrency trading was notably strong in the US. Lichter feels that the market lacks a user-friendly approach that invokes newcomers.

Lichter added:

“We launched Blockport based on a vision that everyone should be able to join the new digital economy that has developed along with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Participation should be secure and transparent,”

In anticipation of the future, Blockport said:

“Despite the recent decline in the crypto markets, extremely exciting times are ahead of us, and we are continuously improving the usability and functionality of our product.”

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