BitTorrent says the company has seen a rapid growth after its acquisition by Tron

BitTorrent, the biggest Torrent serving application in the world, has revealed its employee stats ever since it was acquired by Tron. The emergence of the exit stats led to a huge buzz in the cryptocurrency space with some believing that Tron Foundation could have been a catalyst behind the exits.

According to BitTorrent, ever since the acquisition, a total of 5 employees have exited from the company but at the same time, 16 new members have joined the team. The company also stated that they have been witnessing rapid growth ever since Tron got into the picture.

In addition, the biggest Torrent application firm has revealed the reason for the employee exits as well. They said that the 5 employees left the company in order to pursue ‘further education’ or in seek of ‘new opportunities’. BitTorrent is also expecting more members to join the team and are looking forward to realizing their vision.

Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation said:

“Let’s work together to build a bright future. Go #TRON. #TRX”

Moreover, the Tron Foundation released Justin Sun letter to BitTorrent after its acquisition. In the letter, Justin Sun reveals the actual reason for acquiring the Torrent application company. According to that, Justin wanted to bring BitTorrent under its wing because they share the same vision.

BitTorrent’s main vision is to “Democratize the Internet” and Tron’s main vision is to “Decentralize the web”. He adds that BitTorrent’s factors like the 100 million active users and ‘commercial opportunity’ were not the reason behind the acquisition even though they add value to the company.

Justin Sun had stated that they will first “strengthen the Internet infrastructure” in order to make the Internet truly decentralized. He stated that they will develop the Tron protocol and ensure that it becomes the world largest blockchain protocol. In the meanwhile, the BitTorrent protocol and application will ensure BitTorrents dominance in the decentralized content distribution on a global level.

In order to achieve this, Justin recently unveiled Project Atlas. This would be an integration of Tron and BitTorrent. The project would make BitTorrent faster and lengthen the lifespan of the swarms. Moreover, they are also aiming to improve the current Altruism of BitTorrent with Tron networks integration.

Tronso, a Twitterati said:

“Hopefully there will be much more new #Tron-employees 🙂 Good luck to all of you and let’s make #BitTorrent great again ;-)”

Martin Svaby, another Twitterati said:

“Great team, good luck and bright future”

Recently, BitTorrent was elected as a member for Tron’s Super Representative Elections. After which, the Director Engineer of BitTorrent stated that the only difference between Tron and BitTorrent is that Tron brings on its “expertise in cryptocurrency” onto the table.

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