founder releases Cobra Client for Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as a “safe option” for hard fork

One of the most controversial figures in the Bitcoin [BTC] space, Cobra, the founder of, has announced that he will be releasing a “safe implementation” of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] protocol. This comes after mounting community tensions regarding the hard fork in November, with Bitcoin ABC and Craig Wright-backed NChain both providing clashing implementations of the protocol.

The implementation, which is known as Cobra Client, aims to be a safe option during the hard fork of November. Cobra has stated that the different proposals will lead to a “critical consensus failure” and a chain split. He predicted:

“Such a scenario will wipe out huge amounts of value from Bitcoin Cash, lead to total ridicule of the currency, and widespread loss of trust and faith…Even a temporary fork will cause lasting damage.”

He mentioned that the implementation will not make any consensus changes or even add new features. His reasons for doing so were that there is not enough consensus on the changes proposed by other proponents.

He also offered a failsafe for users by implementing replay protection, which prevents transactions from being replayed across different chains. This allows safety from a potential chain split between what he calls BCA [Bitcoin ABC] and BCN [nChain/CoinGeek]. This feature also allows for users to sell off these tokens after the fork, without affecting the current holdings of Bitcoin Cash.

Interestingly, Cobra portrayed his client as a way to ensure the continued servicing of businesses without interruption or failure, as this would be expected from someone “claiming to be the equivalent of digital cash”.

Moreover, Cobra promised at least 25% of the hashpower of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain would run this implementation, along with a number “major businesses”. He also promised that the implementation would still hold the “BCH” symbol on a “major cryptocurrency platform” post the success of the hard fork, with the replay protection feature already implemented. He stated:

“For businesses, the best way to avoid a chaotic situation and have uninterrupted service to customers is to run the Cobra Client software in November.”

Cobra was under the impression that in the circumstance of consensus not being reached, the best option is to make no change at all. He also stated that the client is currently undergoing testing and will be released in a few weeks.

Craig Wright replied to the announcement, stating:

“No. We are implementing v 0.1.0 as closely as possible with added crap such as P2SH stuck there. Must gaul you @CobraBitcoin We will stay on the whitepaper”

However, Cobra stuck to his words, saying:

“If you want to revert back to 0.1.0 feature set, best to do it over a longer period, to test the code, and not rush out for a November hard fork. Consider supporting Cobra Client for November, a simpler to implement change, which removes the main ABC threat.”

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