Bitcoin Jesus continues to claim that BCH is Bitcoin

Roger Ver, the CEO of, popularly known as the Bitcoin Jesus recently tweeted that Bitcoin [BTC] supporters stand against the definition laid out in the title of its whitepaper. The statement made by him faced a lot of criticism on his social media platform.

Roger Ver Tweeted:

“Consider the fact that BTC supporters are opposed to the use case laid out in the very title of the white paper that defines what Bitcoin is. BCH is Bitcoin.”

Image attached by Roger Ver Highlighting the title of Bitcoin Whitepaper || Source: Twitter

Image attached by Roger Ver highlighting the title of Bitcoin Whitepaper || Source: Twitter

This is not the first time Roger is seen voicing against Bitcoin [BTC] and supporting Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ has been continuously promoting Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as the token envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Recently, he stated that BCH is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and not BTC because Bitcoin Cash processed more transaction in a single day while maintaining a low transaction fee than that of Bitcoin.

The statement on this social media platform was followed up by a lot of support as well as dissent from the community. Some claimed that if Bitcoin is supposed to be the way it is mentioned in the whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, then there are some alts which are already providing those services which would mean that they are Bitcoin as well.

Rodney Tambling, Twitterati said:

“The part about micro payments to adult sites technically makes Verge #xvg the bitcoin in the white paper too”

The BTC community shifted to defense mode by stating that Bitcoin remains true to Satoshi’s vision. The news that it is to be accepted by Starbucks for payment was also stirred up. The statement also witnessed a huge support from the Bitcoin Cash community.

David, another Twitterati said:

“Lol, how many times has ver used the buying a cup of coffee example? This totally invalidates btrash!”

Plymouth Freemason said:

@rogerkver – do you wanna go to Starbucks with your BCash junkcoin? Oh well… you can’t.”

Craig Mason, a person who makes videos about cryptocurrency said:

“When the day comes that Starbux is ready to accept crypto, a team of smart people will be tasked with figuring out which one(s) to accept. They will care only about it’s usability and profitability. They’ll probably research the lightning network, BCH, and others…”

He further adds:

“and consider how each may play out in their stores. They’ll bring in experts, compare costs/benefits, and try them out. They’ll see that LN needs to be online, can’t handle big payments (there will be some, even at sbux), and is a general hassle to use. They’ll see BCH and/or others work simply and reliably (and also work similarly, not some oddball kludge like LN). They will look at the trends, which is gaining adoption. I highly doubt they’ll end up using BTC.”

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