Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to hard fork again, Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule to be implemented

On November 15th, 2018, Bitcoin ABC a development team behind Bitcoin Cash will be releasing a new fork again after their recent network upgrade on May 15th this year. Bitcoin ABC has a responsibility to ensure that people are ready for the update and that none of the technology behind Bitcoin Cash are affected by the roll out.

The updates for the new version are available for download but the new upgrade will not go live until November 15th.

Bitcoin ABC recently tweeted:

Bitcoin ABC announces the release of Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0

Bitcoin ABC’s new upgrade will help create “sound money” that is usable by everyone in the world. Bitcoin ABC believes that they represent the next step towards this goal. They also aim to work in the best interests of miners, investors, and users of Bitcoin Cash and will collaborate and coordinate with other teams and projects in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. They will also focus on improving the utility of Bitcoin Cash and enable massive on-chain scaling.

gr8ful4 an enthusiastic Redditor is of the opinion that:

“Dev team competition, as it should be. After reading the discussions (especially) in the last week, I sense this is a rather rushed/stubborn move and should be consequently punished by the market/miners.”

The new updates include several minor technical fixes and improvements. They have been focusing to become a solid base for application development and innovation. They will enable the use of oracles and cross-chain atomic contracts and will introduce a canonical transaction ordering which is a technical building block that lays the foundation for massive scaling improvements in the future.

Jonathan Toomim wrote an article explaining why Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule is highly desirable than compared to Topological Transaction Ordering rule.

  • Block emission is more efficient
  • Block propagation is more efficient
  • Software implementations are simplified
  • Proofs of transaction inclusion are improved
  • Opt-in locality between participants becomes possible
  • Potential attack vectors are mitigated

Jonathan Toomim strongly believes that Topological Transaction Ordering Rule [TTOR] should be replaced by Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule [CTOR] which will be simpler to implement and reduces the complexities that occur in TTOR.

CTOR allows all its participants to zoom into a block to identify whether a transaction is found or not without processing the whole block. This property will allow chainless apps to gain the possibility to verify flows of transactions without being encountered by an arbitrarily large blockchain.

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