Bitcoin Cash [BCH] taunted by a YouTube channel, wrapped up in controversial humor

Recently, a new YouTube video on Bitcoin Cash was tweeted by the popular crypto-influencer Ran NeuNer, wherein the broadcasters explained the story of Bitcoin Cash and Bitmain in a humorous manner. The video carried a clip of the Spanish comedian, El Risitas in his native language synced with the subtitles about Bitcoin Cash. The opening statement read ‘Risitas will give you an inside look at what happened behind the scenes at Bitcoin Cash’.

The story conveyed by the video included all the controversies associated with Bitmain and Bitcoin Cash. The members named in the video were Jihan Wu of Bitmain, Roger Ver of, Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, the Founder of the Ayre Group and Bodog. The opening line also hinted towards the clash between Blockstream and the Bitcoin Cash team. The video stated the designation of each individual. The subtitles read:

“Craig will lead the development, Jihan will provide hashrate. In the meantime, we convince Ayre that he’s a part of something so we can take his money later. Who does the marketing? You can leave that up to me, said Roger. I’m going to throw some money here and there. I will buy the @bitcoin handle … employ a few sock puppets to spread the narrative.”

Here, according to the captions, Risitas continued by mentioning Jihan Wu’s subtle attempt to avoid the ‘borderline fraud’ to be executed by Roger Ver. Ver dispelled Wu’s disapproving words by telling him to ‘show no mercy’ if he wanted to ‘win’. Risitas also laughed hysterically and said:

“But Roger that’s borderline fraud I don’t want to participate in that, said Jihan. Do you want to win or not? Show no mercy. Besides I will do the talking, you only need to participate in the flippening. Just make sure you have enough money on the exchanges when we need it.”

Bitmain, the Bitcoin company run by Jihan Wu was recorded to hold more Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin. It sold most of its Bitcoin holdings for Bitcoin Cash. The platform was also called out by the CSO of Blockstream, Samson Mow on Twitter for the same. This was after the release of Bitmain’s pre-IPO investor deck. Bitmain has often been accused of exhibiting a great bias towards Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin.

Recently, Bitcoin Cash has also been known for a disruption within the community. A year ago, Bitcoin Cash was born out of a hard fork from the original Bitcoin over clashes and debates over scalability. Once again, after a year, the Bitcoin Cash community is on the cusp of a technical war that will lead the cryptocurrency into splits. The subtitles represented a humorous explanation of this situation, stating:

“Imagine them sitting together, feeling all united creating the plan to destroy Bitcoin and calling it operation Dragon Slayer and see Craig raising his hand… The best way to get to terabyte blocks ‘Is to fork the damn thing every month’. Jihan got off the phone with Craig. He was furious and told him: ‘If you really want fork, you can fork your mother’.”

The video ended by taunting the Bitcoin Cash community, criticising its decisions. It stated:

“This bear market has been pretty devastating so far, BTC also 65% down. My mustache’s getting grey because of it. But Bitcoin Cash… At least they keep us entertained. Seriously – “we have one good dev; let’s throw him out’ – Miner’s vote! [histerical laughter]”

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