Bitcoin [BTC]’s self-proclaimed creator Craig Wright shoots bullets at Wormhole

Earlier this week, the proponent of Bitcoin Cash and self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig S Wright criticized Wormhole, which is a token proposal put forth by the Bitmain developers in the wake of the split of Bitcoin Cash. The Bitmain community expressed in a WeChat conversation that it wants to build a protocol without the integrating the consensus upgrade into it.

In his Reddit post, Wright introduced a number of opinions on the issue. The earliest point raised by the computer scientist is regarding the security of Wormhole, which he claims to be non-existent. The codebase of Wormhole originates from a fork of Omni Layer, which is insecure and thus requires a pre-consensus, as stated by Wright.

Subsequently, Wright also criticized Bitmain’s Founder Jihan Wu’s stance against 0-conf [zero confirmation transactions], which is transactions that broadcast to the network without getting entwined in the blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash community claims to be using such a process as it makes the transactions faster and convenient for both, merchants and customers. However, there have been multiple instances of double spending in case of 0-conf.

According to Wright, Wu is pushing for the idea of 0-conf being insecure primarily because it is not secure for Wormhole, the new project of his company. The Bitcoin Cash proponent also claimed that the ordering and pre-consensus will enhance Wormhole’s search system for transactions. He added:

“The natural ordering of BCH is fast for BCH, but it is slow in finding OMNI transactions adding load to the OMNI node.”

Regarding the control of Jihan Wu over Bitcoin, Wright stated:

“Bitmain has patents on this – and that means they get to own the underlying layers – to control Bitcoin. // Jihan wants DASH. The dash model is funded Devs – based on PoS. Jihan wants PoS – this allows him to have control.”

Last week, Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin commented on the controversy surrounding the split of Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Buterin suggested the Bitcoin Cash community to ‘not compromise’ on the vision of Craig Wright to avoid a split. According to the blockchain mastermind, the community should rather use this opportunity to reject him.

The Wormhole token called WHC is also said to be backed by ‘burnt BCH’. Here, Wright took to Twitter to explain the legal complications of the scenario. He wrote:

“DID YOU KNOW… // Backed by is a term in Securatisation Law – any Burn coin using this term, that they are “Backed By Bitcoin” – better hold a lot of coins to return as Backed by means that they are available. // Or.. they are legally committing a fraud.”

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