XRP [XRP] added on Wirex app, allows users to trade with Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC]

After teasing an update on Twitter, the Wirex app released a statement that announced the addition of XRP [XRP] to their services. Users can now buy, sell, exchange and deposit XRP to their Wirex wallets. They released the news of the support for XRP on their Twitter, stating:

In a blog post titled “A Ripple at Wirex”, the team spoke about the XRP token, its genesis and the use of Ripple. A few days prior to this on July 21st, the CEO of Wirex said on Twitter:

“First look at the Wirex #XRP wallet. Its coming sooner than you think.”

Wirex is a cryptocurrency and virtual card service that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies through Visa and MasterCard cards. The official blog post by Wirex details the origins of the cryptocurrency and explains its benefits. They stated:

“Ripple [sic] [XRP] has gained a reputation as a cheap and stable altcoin. While the value of most cryptocurrencies is influenced by the oscillations of Bitcoin, Ripple [XRP] is independent of the Bitcoin blockchain.”

Wirex offers their users the ability to convert XRP to fiat and use it with their Wirex card. They can also deposit XRP from external wallets, and use the currency to buy, sell or exchange 50 supported altcoins. The wallet can be linked to the users’ debit or credit card as well.

In a twist on its usual cross-border remittance use case, Wirex offers the ability for users to exchange between US Dollar [USD], Great Britain Pound [GBP], and Euro [EUR]. Moreover, users can also use XRP to exchange with Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC]. However, these features are only available to those in the European Economic Area.

The post praised XRP, although it called the cryptocurrency ‘Ripple’ multiple times. It stated:

“Unlike competing cryptos, Ripple has been adopted for internal remittance by many financial institutions – a sure sign of the protocol’s versatility and reliability. Ripple emphasises the importance of digital security to prevent the production of counterfeit coins.”

Crypto-influencer Dr. T said:

“Awesome work guys!!”

Twitter user Debbson stated:

“@wirexapp that’s great news, there should be a revision to this document as it is considering XRP as @Ripple , and both are distinguish.”

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