Wirex Wallet to add XRP functionality, community rejoices

Wirex, a service provider for crypto-friendly currency accounts, will add support for an XRP wallet in the coming days. As user kiwixrp on XRPChat has found the app is undergoing an update.

Wirex announcement for XRP support | Source: XRPChat

Wirex announcement for XRP support | Source: XRPChat

Wirex provides users with cryptocurrency wallets that are linked to debit cards, both physical and virtual. It also offers fiat and cryptocurrency exchange services, along with payment solutions.

Accounts on Wirex come with a designated account number and sort code, which is available in dozens of countries around the world. Deposits are available from the UK using SWIFT and international transfer using IBAN.

Opening a Wirex account allows users to utilize a virtual payment card to make online payments using cryptocurrencies. They also boast regulation by UK Financial Conduct Authority, along with maximum security features.

Wirex also features a cryptocurrency wallet functionality, which allows users to buy cryptocurrency directly from their account or exchanges. These wallets are secured using Multi Signature technology, SSL encryption, and 2FA, with both desktop and mobile variants.

With support for over 50+ altcoins supported, Wirex wallet’s support for XRP comes as a blessing. XRP can be sold to fund the users’ Wirex Wallets and can be interchanged with the supported cryptocurrencies.

The message shown on the app says:

“We are improving the Wirex app, making it faster and easier to use. In order to update the app, all mobile users will be automatically logged out of their accounts on Tuesday, 3rd of July.To log back in, you will have to update the app in the App Store or Google Play. The update provides: Upcoming Ripple (XRP) wallet, faster app-speed, [and] improved efficiency”

User kiwixrp mentioned:

“Looks like you can get cards in Europe now .. New Zealand and Australia coming soon”

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