TRON [TRX]’s Incentive Plan Winner List announced by Justin Sun

On 7th July, TRON announced the list of winners of the TRON Incentive Plan. TRON’s $20k Incentive Plan was launched on 19th June. By means of this project, TRON aimed to strengthen the ecosystem of the mainnet, enhance the user experience for Tronics, and ultimately build a prosperous and powerful ecosystem for TRON’s developers.

Source: Twitter

Justin Sun’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The reward that the plan offered was $20,000, and it was available to projects that are similar to TRON’s present outstanding wallets and blockchain browsers. In order for the reward to be granted, the project had to pass the evaluation done by TRON’s product technology committee. 

The post on the Tron Foundation page announcing the official initiation of this incentive plan read:

“Its purpose is to reward the contributions made by participants to TRON’s global ecosystem and for providing funds for subsequent R&D.”

The reward winners of the Blockchain Explorer Project were WOLF, Grace Williams, BlockHack, and Lee Thong Ruey, while 66Wallet, New Horizon Labs, Wen Karina Li, Iron Triangle, Wyatt Evans, and Chunhui received the reward for the Wallet Project.

Source: Tron Foundation

Tron’s Incentive Plan Winners | Source: Tron Foundation

Although the Programming Competition is now closed, there are developer teams who are still receiving responses from the Tron Foundation about updating and optimizing their projects.

The Tron Foundation page announcing the winner list also features a shout-out to many runner-up teams for their creativity and technical strengths. The announcement expresses great gratitude towards these teams for immersing in TRON’s development and “injecting positive energy into Tron’s community.”

“Tron encourages the development of more high-quality DApps and the participation of more teams in Tron’s development towards a thriving Tron ecosystem. Torn has always been running its community guided by the principle of openness and stays committed to the establishment of a strong decentralised network in a global ecosystem. We will be delighted to have more developers joining in the construction of Tron ecosystem.”

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