TRON [TRX]’s events and TVM countdowns, a schedule of the past week

Tron’s MainNet upgrade and token migration event is the current talk of the cryptocurrency world. As Tron has been garnering support from exchanges all over, the coin’s Co-Founder Justin Sun has begun the countdown for the new Virtual Machine release. Additionally, the Crowdin translation reward and weekly updates were announced in the span of 14th-16th July.

On 14th July, Justin Sun tweeted:

“#TRON’s translation community continues to expand. Here is a list of ten most outstanding contributors on @crowdin. We welcome #TRONICS to help out with our translation projects! Your contribution is highly valued and appreaciated. #TRX $TRX”

Caldro, a Twitter user commented:

“I hope something happens cause I’ve seen the coin shrink down from 10 cents to 3 cents twice already. And we are at 3 Now”

Countries like India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea and Spain have been supporting Tron to achieve its goals and the aim of expansion. To update all the supporters and nationalities with the upgrades and developmental procedures, Tron publishes its reports in various languages. These reports are analyzed and translated by Tron volunteers who have helped in the process of translation.

An incentive plan strategy has been put forth by Tronics for 2018, to incentivize the entire voluntary tasks played by volunteers. In order to express gratitude, Tron has introduced a translation reward program along with the other bounty challenges.

Recently, TRON introduced rewarding programs through competitions, with up to $2 billion bounties offered. Justin Sun had also announced an initial reward of up to $100K for anybody who found bugs in their MainNet installation.

Last month, Justin Sun also introduced the ‘June GitHub Bug Bounty’. The winners of which were entitled the prize of $25k on 14th July.

The latest upcoming event of Tron is its Tron Virtual Machine [TVM]. The TVM is a complete virtual machine developed for Tron’s ecosystem. The TVM can seamlessly connect to any development ecosystem and support the Delegated Proof of Stake. It is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and enables easy transitions. The TVM allows developers to program and debug in ‘Solidity’ and other languages.

On 15th July, Justin Sun tweeted:

“15 days countdown to #TRON Virtual Machine. #TRX $TRX #TVM.”

Mark Odea, a Twitterati commented:

“A miracle would be a working official wallet. Stop posting useless nonsense @justinsuntron #TRX #TRON @Tronfoundation.”, a Twitter account said:

“BitTorrent? I’m amazed at how many fortune 100 companies use BitTorrent.. peace.”

Recently, the news of Tron acquiring BitTorrent broke out. A video released by Cheddar, BitTorrent’s Co-founder exclaimed to sell it for $140 million to TRON Foundation. However, this acquisition is not confirmed by the Tron Foundation or its Founder, Justin Sun.

The past week was filled with events as Tron is trying to garner support from more exchanges and complete the token migration procedure. Over 19 exchanges have resumed trading of TRX20, Tron’s native tokens.

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