TRON [TRX] GitHub Bug Bounty challenge, results announced

Tron [TRX] has been generous to its community with various reward programs, especially for the developers and testers. Last month, Justin Sun the Co-Founder of TRON introduced the ‘June GitHub Bug Bounty’. The winners of which were entitled the prize of $25k on 14th July.

TRON has introduced rewarding programs through competitions, with up to $2 billion bounties offered. Justin Sun had also announced an initial reward of up to $100K for anybody who found bugs in their MainNet installation.

On 14th July, Justin Sun tweeted:

“Check out the winner list of #TRON Github Bug Bounty program, 5 winners got rewarded with $25K. We welcome everyone to participate in the HackerOne Bug Bounty! Thanks for your support. #TRX $TRX”

Christopher Jones, a Twitter user commented:

“Good work. I like hearing project updates and tangible progress for your vision. Seems like you’re making the right technical decisions for trx to succeed. Just need to nail down the marketing / PR And maybe cool it with the countdowns…”

Nathan Bitlee, another crypto-user said:

“Coin burn techniques dont worrk enough so you giveaway trx. what tron does to increase prices”

[Platforms burn coins to subdue the number of coins in circulation which results in increased prices. This also encourages traders to hold their coins for a long period of time.]

According to TRON, the reward was offered with the aim of incentivizing the global community of developers who contribute towards the development of Tron’s ecosystem. This was initiated to exhibit unison in the concept of decentralization.

Tron has officially announced the closure of the GitHub Bug Bounty. ‘HackerOne’, a new Bug Bounty program will take over the Bug Bounty project of the Tron MainNet.

The team has been garnering support from exchanges globally. In this week, TRON gained assistance from Binance, Max Exchange, CoinEgg, and BitFinex. Presently, 19 cryptocurrency exchanges have finished the Tron token migration movement, boosting the liquidity of the digital money.

Also, the liquidity of TRX had a downfall during the launch of its MainNet and Token migration events. Liquidity in cryptocurrencies refers to the level of an advanced security being sold or purchased by influencing the cost of the coin.

Furthermore, market liquidity implies enabling a resource to be traded at a constant price.

As observed there’s a pump in the liquidity of TRX as ‘Tronics’ have deposited their new TRX20 tokens in the exchanges who comply the process of Tron’s migration.

Recently, the popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S announced that it will be supporting the blockchain. They said:

 “Tron (TRX) can be managed from a Ledger Nano S through the use of Tronscan Desktop and the Tron app on your Ledger device. Both are developed and supported by the Tron community.”

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