Qubic unveiled out of the cube, IOTA updates on mystery project

Qubic is one of the mysterious projects that IOTA had been hinting lately. Qubic implements and works on being the worldwide standard for Internet of Things [IoT] for ‘payments’ and ‘messaging’. This is made possible by free of charge IOTA exchanges, which allows individuals to securely communicate in a monitored and safe environment.

IOTA [MIOTA] is known for the out of the box technology, ‘Tangle’. The team at IOTA has constantly been fighting the odds to stand up for their unique and different business module in the blockchain dominated industry.

In the previous month, IOTA worked on updating their Qubic project which is divided into 2 major interdependent developmental sections:

  1. Qubic Protocol
  2. The Abra Language

The first half of the month focused on Qubic Protocol, as they developed the layout of the Tangle messages and maintained the structure of the local Q-Tangle. This will have a local copy of all Qubic related transactions.

The second half of June was to finalize the definition of Abra and to start its compiler. IOTA on their official blog state that a lot of progress has been done on the source code parser. The team currently aims to set up the compiler first and get the initial documents ready as to start working on different parts of Abra which will be worked upon parallelly.

IOTA also aims to provide the ability to run Abra in a controlled ecosystem that the community starts experimenting with the language.

The team of IOTA has provided a roadmap for its supporters, which gives an idea of what the project has next to update, upgrade and offer.

The Roadmap of ‘Qubic Protocol’

In progress: Qubic math, Qubic specification, Qubic timestamps, Qubic URI processor, Qubic transactions, Q-tangle, Qubic assembly, Qubic quorum, Qubic rewards, Qubic resource test, Qubic supervisor, Q-node and Qubic PoC.

The Roadmap of ‘Abra Language’

In progress activities: Abra specification, Abra compiler, Abra support library, Qubic to FPGA compiler and Qubic interpreter.

Future extension: Qubic to x86 compiler, Qubic x86 support library, Qubic FPGA support library, Qubic to FPGA compiler and Abra development environment.

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