PowerGhost, the latest Cryptomining malware discovered by Kaspersky

Kaspersky researchers have recently discovered a new cryptojacking campaign named PowerGhost that aims at infecting corporate networks worldwide in order to generate maximum mining profits.

Cryptomining malware refers to software programs and malware components that are developed to forcefully take over a computer’s resources and adopt them for cryptocurrency mining without a user’s approval.

The cryptojacking malware is said to use a combination of PowerShell and Eternal Blue to infiltrate PCs. PowerShell is a .NET Framework that is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed explicitly for computer administrators and power-users to promptly automate the administration of multiple operating systems.

EternalBlue is an exploit developed by the National Security Agency [NSA], as per test statements made by ex NSA employees. The exploit is known to have carried out several cyber and malware attacks worldwide.

PowerGhost, the fileless malware is able to covertly embed itself on a single PC or network effectively spreading to other PCs and servers across organizations.

The researchers at Kaspersky Lab [an international cyber security company that is involved in deep threat intelligence and security expertise effectively providing security solutions and services to governments and businesses] detected the malware across corporate networks around the globe including India, Brazil, Columbia, and Turkey. PowerGhost has also been detected throughout Europe and North America.

The malware covertly consumes the power of systems it has infected, in order to mine cryptocurrency which is then sent to the miner’s wallet.

The principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, David Emm said:

“PowerGhost raises new concerns about crypto-mining software. The miner we examined indicates that targeting consumers is not enough for cybercriminals anymore – threat actors are now turning their attention to enterprises too.”

He further added:

“Crypto-currency mining is set to become a huge threat to the business community.”

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