Post TRON [TRX] and Pornhub announcement the markets react

A partnership with a pornographic website should according to many boost the usability and adoption of TRX. Pornhub’s premium version currently has a 48.4 million page views from all over the world. The current markets, however, are reacting like Verge which after its Pornhub and Brazzers announcement continued to drop.

TRON [TRX] at press time was trading at $0.037 with a market cap of $2.4 billion witnessing a drop of 3.5% over the past 24 hours and a huge 12.40% drop over the past week. TRX is currently the biggest loser among the Top 20 coins. Monero [XMR] has been gaining momentum slowly and is witnessing an exact opposite spike with a 15% growth over the past week to currently trade at $131.9.

Tron dropping and Monero Gaining

Tron dropping and Monero Gaining

So the question that all Tron and Verge critics have been asking – Why did Pornhub decide to list the three cryptocurrencies which are not known for their privacy-related qualities. Tron, Verge and Zencash. If Pornhub decided to be crypto-friendly why not integrate proven cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or even XRP.

According to CCN’s latest article –

“….it is evident that the platform [Pornhub] is only willing to list and integrate cryptocurrencies that are willing to pay the platform a significant sum of money to process its payments in digital assets.”

According to a recent interview by AMBCrypto with many TRX holders, Tron’s Mainnet launch according to them was expected to have an EOS effect on the market when they launched their Mainnet. TRX is currently off Ethereum and is what they term “Independent”

Despite this drop, many from the community feel that this is only temporary. Ravish Kukreja, a TRX investor from Mumbai says,

“People tend to get fixated with the price of a currency. I understand the investor sentiment but to invest in a project is to believe in the dream of decentralization. Justin’s vision, although flawed has potential and we just got our independence. This slight drop with the market conditions is expected. But don’t be surprised if TRX hits 50 or 80 cents in the next year. This is as cheap as it gets”

Skeptical investors like Jason Mitchell, an ex-TRX investor from Burlington says,

“People like me got blindsided by the extensive media coverage. I don’t believe in the project anymore. It’s all just a sham”

Justin Sun faces flak after the recent Pornhub announcement

Justin Sun faces flak after the recent Pornhub announcement

Post the Pornhub announcement, Justin also faced flak from his followers with some questioning TRX’s intentions but some like David Chen says,

“People are narrowminded. Porn is, has and always will be the industry to revolutionize the technology industry. If it sells sex then it will sell anything. Although some say they paid for it but we need TRON and Verge like companies who can get it rolling”

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