Nasdaq Inc. Holds Closed-Door Meeting to Discuss Future of Cryptocurrency

Nasdaq Inc. is reported to have hosted a closed-door meeting with representatives of approximately half a dozen companies, including Gemini founders the Winklevoss twins, to discuss the future of cryptocurrency. Bloomberg reports that one source has said the focus of the meeting “was to encourage the industry to do things that will improve its image and validate its potential role in global markets.”

Reports of the private meeting come in the wake of a whirlwind of news surrounding a number of crypto companies, among them Gemini, working to overturn continued SEC rulings against Bitcoin ETF listings.

Topics said to have been discussed at the meeting include the future of regulation for cryptocurrencies, what tools are required, and what surveillance will be needed. Both a Nasdaq spokesperson and Gemini declined Bloomberg’s requests for comments on the meeting.

“I do believe that over time we’re going to find that there is really utility [in cryptocurrencies],” Nasdaq Chief Executive Officer Adena Friedman told Bloomberg at an event in June.

Friedman has been vocal regarding the need for cryptocurrency regulation. She has also partnered with several exchanges in campaigning for greater adoption of the new market.

“This will not be the last meeting of this nature,” says Bloomberg’s unnamed source. “There will be an ongoing dialogue among the participants. Due to its history of illiquidity, theft, fraud and the lack of custody services, Wall Street has been slow to move into the space.”

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