NASDAQ hosts closed-door meeting: Co-founders of Gemini attend

Recently, a closed-door meeting held in Chicago by NASDAQ with delegates of best organizations and some conventional exchanges. One of them being Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange co-founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who recently attempted to create Bitcoin ETF but failed.

According to Bloomberg the sole reason for this meeting was to examine how to enhance the picture of the crypto-business and to exhibit its potential in the worldwide market. It was also examined as to what the crypto-companies must do to improve the reputation of Bitcoin [BTC] after SEC revealed that they were not convinced with Bitcoin having enough surveillance.

Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ, Adena Friedman has specified the need for crypto-regulations and has disclosed that her firm has partnered with several crypto-exchanges to help them on this issue.
Furthermore, reports also say that NASDAQ has been providing technology to five crypto-organizations out of which, two of them are Gemini and SBI Virtual currencies. The names of the other three organizations are not being uncovered.

For example, Gemini enlisted NASDAQ to watch the market positions of Bitcoin[BTC], Ethereum[ETH] and furthermore the auction that backs Cboe Global Markets.

Adena Friedman recently said that she believes that cryptocurrency is the “right next step in the space of currency” and since it is being discussed by the Jury whether Bitcoin or some other digital asset will accomplish a large scale promotion.

She also spoke about the evolution and the number of cryptocurrencies that has a chance of getting accepted. The Jury is yet to give their thoughts on it but the idea of a more globalized payment mechanism is more efficient than the existing one. This gives permission for money to move across countries and support the online economy.

A Redditor commented after reading the news:

“Gentleman it’s time. We must sacrifice our beloved NASDAQ to the satanic gods of crypto. May God find some way to forgive us, but I know there’s a special place in hell for traders like us!” Is how imagine the meetings going, but article wont load for me.”

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