NANO Community donates over $500, helps out a Venezuelan friend

Recently, a Venezuelan citizen received an amount of over 230 NANO from the users on the subreddit of NANO community. The Reddit user, ‘Windows7733’ was asked for his NANO wallet address. On posting the same, the wallet got a fill of over 230 Nano [close to $600] from over 50 users.

The user on Reddit explained the situation of the Venezuelan economy directly affecting the standard of living. In the beginning, the user was only donated a small amount of 0.5 NANO. After creating a thread on the donation, a series of donations started flowing in reaching to a large amount, when measured by the Venezuelan living standards. With gratitude, he also added:

“I feel extremely happy because today I was able to convince someone who I trust to accept NANO (he was already accepting bitcoin cash) in exchange for food. He sold me 102 kilograms (224 lb) of food, including cornmeal, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces and avocados.”

The Venezuelan user stated that 0.5 NANO is more than a month’s salary in Venezuela. On receiving more donations, he spread out his resource to help others as well. He further wrote:

“This is wonderful because I’m hoping to send proper food to the people. This morning someone came to my house and asked me for food and of course I gave them some kgs. Her face was pure joy. This would be the same for others 10 families who will receive love and food tonight from you guys.”

To verify the authenticity of the incident, a copy of the Venezuelan passport was posted.

Venezuela is a country in South America, with a collapsing economy structure, especially in the past few months. Currently, the citizens use a barter system for the exchange of goods and services. This is due to the hyperinflation of the Venezuelan currency that has made bank notes a rare sight.

NANO is a digital currency that currently ranks under 50 on CoinMarketCap. It was launched in the year 2015. The main moto of NANO is to build a ‘fast and free way to pay for everything in life’.

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