Litecoin [LTC] Foundation “deserves 0 respect”, Tone Vays on a butcher mission

A recent partnership between the Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay has triggered a huge debate on Twitter. On 14th July, Tone Vays, a crypto-influencer and Bitcoin advocate, tweeted a series of accusations involving the two partners.

In his first tweet, Tone dropped three ‘disclaimers’ before starting off with the critical analysis of Litecoin and TokenPay. These disclaimers contained bold context to his following tweets, such as, “The main purpose of this tweet storm to piss off every #Litecoin believer for the what I hope is the final time,” and “Token Pay is a scam”.

Tone Vays, in his second Twitter post, put together a diagram explaining all the ways that TokenPay is lying to the community. An analysis of TokenPay’s website content was carried out by the influencer.

According to Tone Vays:

  • “Introducing the world’s most secure coin” is a blatant lie.
  • CryptoRekt, the Chief Operating Officer of TokenPay is an ‘anonymous Verge shill’. [CryptoRekt is the author of Vergecurrency Blackpaper]
  • The fact claiming CryptoRekt being involved into the cryptocurrency ecosystem since 2009 is ‘100% bullshit’.
  • Verge currency-related content on TokenPay’s website is ‘Verge Garbage’.

Tone Vays' tweet image | Source: Twitter

Tweet by Tone Vays | Source: Twitter

On the next blow, when Tone directed his criticism at Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, several Twitter comments opposed it. Tone Vays put Charlie Lee’s credibility through deep analysis mixed with opinions.

This tweet implied the following:

  • The non-disclosure agreement [NDA] between Litecoin and TokenPay was reported in the month of April. It also sarcastically pointed out that decentralized entities should not be involved with NDA.
  • TokenPay is a ‘scam token by default’, as it has a CEO and it does not qualify as a decentralized platform.
  • Charlie Lee lost respect when he shared his opinion on the partnership between Verge and Pornhub which took place in April 2018. The Litecoin director said that Pornhub should accept more cryptocurrencies, not just Verge. Instead of making cryptocurrency payments available by buying partnerships, there should be another way forward in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. To this, Tone Vays countered by saying that the ‘right answer’ is, “Pornhub Brass are IDIOTS for accepting an insecure garbage crypto. Even Monero or Litecoin would have been a better choice but still pretty dumb choices.”
  • An image analysis carried several other accusations regarding the ‘Verge Scam’ and CEO of TokenPay’s involvement in it.

Tone Vays' recent tweet | Source: Twitter

Tone Vays’ tweet | Source: Twitter

Another tweet by Vays targeted the CEO of TokenPay, Derek Capo. According to this tweet:

  • TokenPay is centralized with a CEO that has no experience in the cryptocurrency space.
  • He issued an unlicensed security that is ‘totally useless’.
  • TokenPay does not make use of ‘actual’ blockchain.
  • The history of Capo’s work experience is questionable as his work timeline overlaps each other in several places with no sign of co-relation.

Tone Vays' tweet image | Source: Twitter

Tweet by Tone Vays | Source: Twitter

Post these claims, a number of other tweets were launched berating TokenPay and Litecoin alike, discussing Litecoin’s pump and dump in prices, ICO scams, and more.

In his end tweet, Tone Vays wrote:

“…all you outright fools working with this @tokenpay like any members of the #Litecoin Foundation not only deserve 0 [zero] respect but might actually end up being Criminally Liable.”

Following is a tweet by TokenPay to counter the accusations made by Tone Vays:

“Truthfully we have never heard of this @ToneVays up until a couple days ago. Funny comment though from a professional ICO shiller. Most of his followers are fake. While he spends his time on the blockchain show corcuit (traveling carnival), we are out there advancing our project.”

This tweet was strongly opposed by crypto-community, scoffing TokenPay’s ignorance regarding Tone Vays influence in the cryptocurrency space.

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