John McAfee makes his personal contact public amidst the HitBTC controversy?

Recently, John McAfee, the anti-virus pioneer, and crypto-player tweeted a HitBTC-related post again, in response to the questions arising if he has ‘exaggerated’ the statement about HitBTC being responsible for an ‘unknown number of deaths‘. In his tweet, he has also broken the records of ‘bravery’ and displayed his personal phone number.

McAfee’s tweet reads:

“I am asked if I exaggerated in saying [email protected] is liable for the death of untold people. CEO of Docademic asked Hitbtc to change their policies to benefit the poor, but it fell on deaf ears. If your not a scam call me. I am brave enough to list my number: 731 608 8837”

According to the entrepreneur and Docademic coin touter, HitBTC is practicing policies that play out against the ‘poor’. This was propagated after HitBTC ‘subjected Docademic’ to its harsh policies.

The user-base of HitBTC has also complained multiple times of it being scammy with their services, and consequently, the exchange has not been in good publicity for a while now.

McAfee, in his series of tweets, also claimed that he had written ‘eleven impassioned letters’ to HitBTC but received ‘only one’ response. Additionally, Charles Nader, the CEO of Docademic, had warned HitBTC three months prior to these deaths. McAfee has bluntly put the onus of the situation on HitBTC in his public posts.

Post the McAfee versus HitBTC boxing match, he added another tweet for his followers, stating:

“Poople: my apologies my number is;731 803 2457. Bad drugs”

The Docademic investor also attempted to clarify the fact that though he has invested in the cryptocurrency, he does not need the money. For his investments, he states the reason why he believes in the ‘groundbreaking system’ that Docademic provides. His tweet reads:

“Yes I am an investor in Docademic. I invested as soon as I saw their groundbreaking system. But I do not need their money. I invested to help Docademic. HitBTCs unethical tactics cost me and everyone money. Would you not be irate?”

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