“I sold my lambo to buy Bitcoin [BTC]”, says Bitcoin Jesus

During an interview with Naomi Brockwell, Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com also known as the Bitcoin Jesus [for his early advocacy for bitcoin] speaks about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Roger Ver said that he used to own a Lamborghini before Bitcoin [BTC] was even invented but he sold his Lambo to buy more Bitcoin because that is how much he is in love with the digital currency.

The well-known cryptocurrency influencer hopes that the governments’ ability to intervene in the economy and their ability to retard the rate of economic growth of the entire world is stripped away by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The main reason he is involved in digital currencies is to bring more economic growth, which in turn would improve the standard of living for everyone whether poor or rich.

Roger Ver was asked about the most important aspect of the blockchain technology. He said that people always ask what the ‘killer app’ is for blockchain, and according to him, the ‘killer app’ for blockchain is Bitcoin.

He said:

“Look at how many users it’s got and how many merchants its got and look at how many people are busy spending their time and money and effort and resources on the application of money. So the killer app for blockchain technology very clearly was and is Bitcoin.”

He was further questioned on whether the applications of blockchain technology in the healthcare and travel industry help the world become a free place. Roger replied that these applications are compared to money, everybody prefers money everywhere and at all times. Moreover, Ver said the healthcare records are not accessed by people that often maybe once or twice a year, whereas money is used every single day.

He said:

“So I’m the most bullish and most excited about the aspect of money being the killer app for blockchain technology to enable more economic freedom for people around the world.”

According to Roger, the next step for cryptocurrencies is to have more people use digital currencies and starve the central banks. Then the next step is basically to have people tell politicians that they don’t consent to them.

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