Google prohibits mining apps from Play Store, introduces new developer policies

Google’s latest update on the Play Store will not feature various categories of applications including several mining apps. The Google Play Store developer policies have banned cryptocurrency mining apps and apps that have disruptive ads.

However, applications that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency is still permitted. The digital distribution service for Android devices had in its previous update banned all fake ID related apps.

Google Play's Developer Policy Center || Source: Google Play

Google Play’s Developer Policy Center || Source: Google Play

Based on the new policy, if any Android app uses a device’s CPU or GPU for cryptocurrency mining operations, then Google will now start delisting them. Several developers who have had their apps removed from the Play Store raised their concerns regarding the same on Reddit and various other social media platforms.

Geoff5093, a Twitter user says:

” These apps are pointless anyways.  Even a high-end gaming PC with a 1080 Ti gets maybe $1.50 a day right now.  A mobile phone would get pennies.”

Redditor, E7ernal, commented saying:

“It’s probably people largely trying to couple mining something CPU minable (or maybe they figured out how to use the phone’s GPU? Doubt it.) with a real product, but not being that upfront about it. Seems stupid regardless.”

Tritonio, another Redditor added:

“But wouldn’t that be classified as malware and thus be already banned from the store?”

Some mining apps that are presently available on the Play Store are MinerGate, Crypto Miner, and NeoNeonMiner. Cryptocurrency mining extensions were banned from the Chrome Web Store earlier this year.

American multinational technology company, Apple had also recently banned applications that mine cryptocurrency. The company stated:

“The only cryptocurrency mining apps allowed are those that mine outside of the device, like cloud-based mining.”

Dhanson865, a Redditor remarked about the difference between Google Play Store’s and Apple’s ban saying :

“At least android phones can sideload APKs. It’s not like being banned from the Apple app store.”

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