Google co-founder feels company has missed the blockchain ‘golden ticket’

Sergey Brin is a name synonymous with ‘tech behemoth’. The co-founder of Google who is worth $52 billion had attended a blockchain conference at a summit that took place at Sir Richard Branson’s hotel in Morocco. He along with several important dignitaries discussed blockchain technology and its impacts. During his talks he was quoted as saying:

“We probably already failed to be on the bleeding edge, I’ll be honest, [… but] I see the future as taking these kind of research-y, kind of out there ideas and making them real – and Google X is kind of like that.”

The fact that someone like Sergey Brin has lamented about the missed opportunities with blockchain technology shows how fast the field is developing. Although Brin was disappointed that Google had not taken the first shot he was fairly confident that Google’s special division ‘Google X’ would use blockchain to create some wonderful products. Google X is also the division responsible for the creation of some of Google’s unorthodox products such as Waymo and Project Loon.

Brin also touched upon how he became interested in blockchain technology and its applications. He admits that he does not know “a whole lot about cryptocurrency” but started digging into the field after he set up a mining rig with his son. He said:

“A year or two ago my son insisted that we needed to get a gaming PC. I told him If we get a gaming PC we have to mine cryptocurrency. So we got an ethereum miner on there and we’ve been making a few pennies and dollars since. That definitely got me interested and I started to study the technology behind it and found it to be fascinating.”

Sergey Brin currently serves as the President of Alphabet, Google’s parent company and also plays an advisory role in the company.

The last few weeks crypto market has seen some staggering growth and adoption in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Major companies like Walmart, Mastercard, Western Union have all actualized the major applications of the technology and have started their own projects.

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