“Get well soon John!” says HitBTC; Concern or retaliation?

John McAfee, the popular cryptocurrency influencer, and founder of McAfee Inc has lately been in news for his opinionated comments on Twitter with respect to the cryptocurrency exchange platform, HitBTC. On June 28th, he asked his followers to Boycott HitBTC.

Although it is still unclear why McAfee chose to target HitBTC only, his recent tweet mentions “I have singled out @hitbtc because they are the worst.”

John McAfee's tweet | Source: Twitter

John McAfee’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The McAfee-HitBTC war continued with McAfee posting a strong tweet stating:

“@hitbtc I will be your worst enemy until you prove that you are aligned with our community and are truly interested in helping the poor. You have not done shit to help access the only free healthcare in the world.”

Today, HitBTC tweeted a picture that stated, “Get well soon John! Your friends at HitBTC”. This not-so-quick response from HitBTC could either be a retaliation or, however unlikely, a genuine concern for his health after he was recently hospitalized, claiming that he was “poisoned”.

This tweet meant a lot more hate comments from the users.

Luke Hightshue, a Twitter user commented:

‘Hitbtc is a joke. When they get butt hurt they are quick to react. But make people sit on tickets for ages and don’t respond”

Mcscooch910, an angry Twitter user commented:

“@hitbtc @officialmcafee how about you respond to your customers emails and fix the problems that you are causing instead of being assholes on twitter. Give your customers their money back. I see where your priorities are. Open investigation on hitbtc!!!”

Murat Bazooka, a crypto fan commented:

“R. I. P. Hitbtc 2018…”

Another Twitter user commented:

“Stay away from @hitbtc They will freeze your funds out of the blue and never answer your ticket.”

According to a recent tweet, McAfee believes that exchanges are connected to the banks and governments and in order to take down the system, the exchanges must be taken down first.

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