Final warning – Will John McAfee file legal complaint against HitBTC?

The McAfee-HitBTC theatre has lifted its curtain to a new legal twist. Recently, John McAfee, the famous entrepreneur and freshly turned HitBTC-hunter, tweeted an announcement for filing a ‘legal complaint’ against the platform for its apparent crime regarding customer funds.

John McAfee tweeted:

“HITBTC has not responded to our requests. We are preparing a legal complaint against HITBTCs service provider and against HITBTC. If you have an issue with HITBTC, then please send details to: [email protected]

The problem mainly began due to HitBTC’s trade limit on John McAfee’s choice of token, Docademic [MTC], and its high withdrawal fees. Earlier in the month, McAfee had accused HitBTC of ‘killing an unknown number of people‘. Docademic [MTC] is said to be working on a ‘free healthcare’ system via science and technology.

The battle between the two parties has been on for quite some time. In the last week of June, McAfee tweeted his first post on boycotting HitBTC due to its malpractices and fiddling with customer funds through crafty announcements and schemes.

At the onset of this battle, HitBTC, in a single response wished McAfee a ‘get well soon‘ on its Twitter.

In these regards, John McAfee had also written a tweet questioning HitBTC CEO’s character for being in the shadows amidst the controversy. He wrote:

“36 hours and not a single response from HitBTC. Please God …. does this not tell you something about the character of their CEO? Please see what is happening here.”

However, it is not just John McAfee who has been throwing jabs at HitBTC. The customer base of the exchange has also been showing continuous disappointment borne out of fund losses and frozen assets.

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