Etherscan Successfully Stops Suspected Hacking Attempt

BlockExplorer tech company Etherscan has announced in a Reddit Post today, July 23rd, that a suspected hacking attempt was made on their network and has been subsequently stopped. All user funds are reported at this time to be safe.

“We received reports of random javascript alerts with the content ‘1337’ appearing on,” reads the announcement. “Upon further investigation, it appears that these were injected via the summarized Disqus comments that appears at the bottom of the page site footer. The offending comment: // No risk of compromised systems that we are aware of, other than the pop-up alert.”

After receiving the alert, Etherscan immediately “Disabled the summarized Disqus comments at the site page footer” and created a patch to encode footer comments preventing any further incidents.

The report states that there were a total of 4 attempts made to inject the suspicious alert message onto the Etherscan platform. It is at this time not entirely clear what the hacker was attempting to achieve through the attack, however, the Etherscan team reports that any substantial hacking attempt using this JS alert message technique would not have been possible.

The current consensus is that the hacker may have been attempting a creative form of phishing or was possibly conducting tests to probe for weaknesses in Etherscan’s security. Etherscan finalized its reports offering ‘kudos’ to the hackers involved for their creativity.

“We have now encoded all the summarized comments also to prevent future incidents like these. Thank you to those who brought this to our attention. And ‘kudos’ to the ingenious ‘hackers’ who never ceases [sic] to amaze us with their creativity and ingeniuty [sic].”

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