Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin responds to ETH giveaway bots with VCR

Twitter scam bots are still a pervasive problem in the Twitter crypto-sphere, with almost every crypto-influencers’ posts being followed immediately with a comment offering “send 0.5 ETH to get 5 ETH” giveaways, with names and pictures similar to the influencers’.

Many of the significant influencers in the space have resorted to adding “Not giving away ETH” to their Twitter names. This has not deterred the bots from their task, however, as they simply continue to give away ETH with “not giving away ETH” in their names.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has changed his username as well, to no avail. To counter the rampant problem, he has released a registry with all of his active social media accounts.

In a tweet, he said:

“Here is a VCR (Vitalik Curated Registry) of all of my active social media accounts: // | // | // There may be a few smaller ones but nothing mainstream. Everything else I either don’t use or is a scam.”

The post was undoubtedly followed by more scams. This time, however, the top comment was by a scam bot acting as the official account of Binance. It was followed by a Vitalik impersonator. The second bot had an excuse for giving away Ethereum. It said:

“special gift for all fans! I am not giving away the ETH! the foundation is!”

User WordsUntangled said:

“Trying to bring back the VCR? Bold move @VitalikButerin :)”

User Henry Toledo said:

“I’m going to safely assume you’re keeping your Neopets account private?”

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