Ethereum [ETH]’s Joseph Lubin in a podcast discusses his creation

Recently, in a podcast interview with Manuel Stagers, Ethereum Co-founder Joseph Lubin opens up on his creation and discusses interesting possibilities in the world of technology.

The opening question asked in the podcast was Ethereum-specific: ‘What do people most often misunderstand about Ethereum?’ According to Lubin, people [both inside and outside the crypto space] look at Ethereum as more of a corporation in terms of its working and operation. Rather, he stated Ethereum to be a ‘big, complicated, sophisticated’ project.

Talking of decision-making on a project, he mentioned his Co-founder Vitalik Buterin and says:

“Vitalik [Buterin] is an outstanding driver of the technology, an outstanding research scientist, and an individual of great integrity and great decision-making capability who sources and weights opinions and makes his own decisions.”

In another question, Lubin was asked of the overestimations and underestimations in today’s era when looking back from the year 2025. To this, he replied by stating that 2025 is a long way from where we are. Hence, it is not suitable to speculate the number of ways in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies could be used by that year. He said:

“Essentially, when a new technology becomes established, the early uses of the technology reflect the uses of previous generations of technology.”

He also cited the example of a TV. When the TV was invented, people found a natural way of using it by associating it with video and audio. In the same way, society will use cryptocurrencies in its most obvious forms, such as ‘tokenizing assets, voting, creating fair randomness, or gaming systems that are provably fair’. However, he believes that there are more unpredictable creations coming in the future that people will build and add to the current paradigm.

Lubin also said that we cannot extrapolate the usage of this technology a lot, as people of the email era could not imagine today’s use-cases of the internet such as online dating and 140 character messages, despite being able to imagine a little further.

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