Ethereum [ETH]’s blockchain to be used in gun violence prevention vote

In a first, Ethereum’s blockchain technology will be used in the movement concerning gun control prevention. MiVote and Orange Generation have come together to announce a national blockchain vote on gun policy during the Houston for Change rally that took place on 9th July 2018.

MiVote's tweet | Source: Twitter

MiVote’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The voting on gun reforms will happen in October and those willing to cast their vote are required to use the MiVote USA website. Horizon State is a technology company that has partnered with MiVote to ensure that the platform is secure and functioning.

The focus of both the organizations has been to use Ethereum’s blockchain technology in a manner that the voting is secure and accurate. The two organizations have tied up with the United Nations to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

MiVote is an Australian information platform that presents the user with a variety of perspectives on all major issues up for debate and many others that affect their lives using the MiVote App. The main aim of the app is to enable the user to make an informed, well-rounded decision about matters regarding the country and society.

Orange Generation is an organization that has set up to reduce gun violence and introduces gun legislation. The main aim is to begin a civil and constructive dialogue regarding gun reform. The organization has been pushing for ‘common sense’ gun reform to ensure that students are not affected by gun-related atrocities.

Reddit user,  nugget_alex commented:

“Australian based company MiVote aim to deliver unbiased information for voters to make informed decisions. They use the Horizon State (HST) Ethereum based voting platform to ensure transparency, immutability and so on. Great project aiming to bring about social change.”

Another user, ‘larousseng’ said:

 “Mivote is doing incredible things around the world at the moment and Adam is such an inspirational guy, they currently also have millions in India setting up too use their democratic platform. But this gun legislation vote that has such passionate supporters on BOTH sides of the fence will bring in 10’s of millions of participants. This is fantastic for blockchain adoption AND improving democratic processes. All underpinned by Horizon State’s (HST) ingenuity and technology, congratulations to both Horizon State and Mivote on this unprecedented step in the right direction.”

Adam Jacoby is the founder of the American chapter of MiVote and has also been recognized in the World’s Top  50 Innovators by Codex.

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