Ethereum [ETH] blockchain based digital certificates to be introduced in Italian University

The University of Cagliari based in Cagliari, Sardinia, in Italy will soon join a host of other organizations that are implementing blockchain technology to produce digitized certificates. The system is said to be introduced to the graduation session of Computer Science on the 20th July and will, later on, be implemented for all the other degree programs of the university.

The university decided to make the move after coming to the conclusion that the best way to ensure that the certificates of students can in no way be manipulated or falsified if Ethereum’s blockchain technology was used in producing them. Future employers can hire students with the full confidence that the certificates are authentic in every sense.

Maria Del Zompo, the Director of The University of Cagliari said:

“We have decided to guarantee the authenticity of our graduates’ European certificates with this technology because we intend to equip them with a modern, simple and immediate tool that can be used anywhere in the world.”

She further adds:

 “A degree certificate, whether on paper or digital, is easily falsified or altered. Thanks to this technology, our students can guarantee the authenticity and integrity of their digital certificates to potential employers all over the world, in a simple and free manner. Our system does not require the availability of specific apps on smartphones, or access and registration to a specific site. It all takes place in a simple way and with free access tools.”

The solution that the University has adopted permits for one specific registration per degree session that is unique to the student, the authenticity of which could be verified by anyone provided they have a stable internet connection and following the simple instructions provided on the university website.

The university is said to have collaborated with ‘FlossLab srl’, an independent company that deals with the development of applications, to develop the said solution.

Gianni Fenu, a Computer Science professor and delegate of the Rector for Computer Science of the University of Cagliari says:

“With this tool, at each graduation session, after the generation of certificates in the European standard format, the ‘computer signatures’ of these certificates will be registered by the University on Ethereum’s blockchain, the second cryptocurrency for value after Bitcoin, created to facilitate complex applications of this type.”

He further adds:

“If the ‘computer signature’ of the document owned coincides with the registered one, integrity is guaranteed of the document The probability of obtaining a random coincidence is less than one divided by a number of 77 digits.”

Other educational institutions around the world have either ventured to adopt digitized certificates or have already begun implementing the system.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] – Some universities in the United States such as MIT is at present issuing degree certificates to students with a Computer Science degree using Bitcoin’s blockchain technology.
  • Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] – The Indian central government plans to implement a blockchain solution known as IndiaChain starting with IIT Bombay. The system is set to be implemented for the batches of 2019 onwards. The current status of the project is unknown.

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