EOS: The journey from MainNet Launch to rethinking constitution

EOS, in the past, has been an element of blended mystery, surprise, and controversy. Ever since its announcement of the EOS MainNet Launch, its users, as well as outsiders, have been mulling over ‘what’s next’ and ‘when’s next’ in EOS.

The EOS MainNet Launch Group, in the last week of May, had released a blog detailing the timeline of events of its MainNet launch. However, not everything went as planned.

The inception of EOS took place in 2017, during which the EOS tokens used Ethereum’s blockchain and were developed as ERC20 tokens. The decision to migrate and develop its own blockchain EOSIO gave birth to EOS MainNet Launch.

Despite June 1st being announced as the MainNet launch date and the ERC20 tokens being frozen, the Block Producers’ vote kept the event from taking place as the ‘go’ votes could not cross the green line. This happened in the wake of several news reports that claimed multiple software vulnerabilities to hindered the EOS MainNet Launch.

On May 30th, EOS had released a statement regarding the incorrect reports circulating the market. Its Twitter post said:

“Media has incorrectly reported a potential delay in the release of EOSIO V1 due to software vulnerabilities. Our team has already fixed most and is hard at work with the remaining ones. EOSIO V1 is on schedule; please stay tuned to our EOSIO channels for official information.”

The news was ultimately reflected in reality, as the MainNet could not take place as scheduled.

In the immediate past, there have been talks among the EOS community to wipe out the entire constitution of EOS and build a new one, from scratch. Block.one, the developers of EOS has initiated the support for EOS Constitution v2.0.

Block.One stated:

“EOSIO is designed with all the tools and capabilities to build robust high-level governance for those who would prefer to trust an organization like ECAF to arbitrate disputes over stolen keys. “

Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, also tweeted on the subject.

Jackson Palmer’s tweet | Source: Twitter

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