Does New YouTube Tool Offer Higher Protection For Video Creators?

New YouTube Tool

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The biggest fear of many creators online is having their content stolen or plagiarized. However, a new YouTube tool is going to be targeted toward video creators whose content will be protected from being stolen, according to a blog post on YouTube Creator Blog.

Many creators online are looking for ways to protect their content online, as stealing is nowhere near a pleasing feeling, especially after a lot of hard work was invested in creating original content. After you upload a video, the new YouTube tool is going to scan every new video that gets uploaded to YouTube and in that way check whether the video is the same or similar to yours and if so, will let you know. However, the tool is only going to identify complete videos, instead of clips.

The Copyright Match tool, which is what the new YouTube tool is called, will be available for users who have more than 100,000 subscribers starting the beginning of next week. However, the tool will be available to more users in the next few months. Creators eligible for the Copyright Match tool are going to be notified if the tool finds matches and they will be able to decide what action should be taken against the plagiarism. They can do nothing about the stolen content, or contact the person who uploaded the copy, as well as ask YouTube to remove the copy of the original video.

However, the person who uploads some video in question first will be considered the original creator by the Copyright Match tool. That said, there is a possibility that someone could copy some user’s video that was first uploaded on Vimeo, Facebook, or some other network and put it on YouTube before the original creator.

This is not YouTube’s first attempt to try to stop or reduce plagiarism, as it already has a program called Content ID, which assists copyright owners in finding people who use their content without consent. However, Content ID is not as available to all users, and what makes it different compared to the new tool is that it allows content owners to make money out of their work that got plagiarized.

YouTube has been testing its new tool with creators for almost a year so that it would make sure that the new YouTube tool is absolutely safe and effective for the community that wants to preserve their original work.

Does this offer enough protection for the creators or do you think that YouTube should take stricter measures in preventing plagiarism?

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