Chinese tech giant ‘Baidu’ set to launch rewards program for ‘Totem’

Baidu, the technology behemoth, is all set to launch a rewards program for their blockchain project ‘Totem’. The company is set to unveil the program as well as the blockchain layout at a blockchain technology conference on 18th July 2018.

Totem works by utilizing existing blockchain technology to deal with the intellectual property of images. The company aims to make ownership of images and prevention of plagiarism much easier by implementing this system. The website states:

“The copyright information of the work is permanently written into the blockchain. Based on the credibility and incomprehensibility of the blockchain, combined with Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence technology, the dissemination of the work can be traceable, reprintable, monitorable, and change the copyright of traditional pictures.”

Totem uses blockchain technology to bring in more transparency for users so that acquiring image rights and licensing them becomes much simpler. The platform will use the Artificial Intelligence technology developed by Baidu to monitor any violations or infringements on the internet

The official website gives a description stating that:

“Totem conducts network infringement monitoring of original works, quickly produces visual data reports, and entrusts lawyers to initiate rights protection online,”

The Totem rewards system functions as an incentive mechanism on the platform and can perform functions such as user uploads. There are plans to expand its capabilities in the future by adding image transaction capabilities and similar functions. Photographers, designers and other authors are currently encouraged to submit an online application. Once their identities are verified, the authors can upload their works onto the Totem blockchain.

The idea for intellectual property rights management using blockchain technology is something that has been in the works for quite some time now, with several projects giving it a shot. In January 2018, Kodak had announced the launch of a blockchain platform called KODAKOne.

The platform which has a similar structure to that of Totem, allows photographers to upload their images onto the platform. Along with the platform the company also released its own cryptocurrency called KODAKCoin. The photographer can then license their images on the platform.

KodakOne’s official blog post states that:

“We believe that blockchain technology is the ideal way for photographers and agencies to store their image assets and associated metadata in a way that track ownership, rights and license transactions regardless of where those images are used and by whom.”

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