CEO of Waves and Wikipedia Founder talk about the future of digital transformation

On 12th July, The Future of Digital Transformation, a discussion forum, took place in Moscow. Some influential attendees included Jimmy Wales, the Founder of Wikipedia, and Alexander Ivanov, CEO of the Waves blockchain platform. 

During the discussion, Ivanov spoke about how the world is constantly becoming interconnected owing to the internet. He explained that the development of the internet can be broken down into roughly three generations, out of which, we are at stage 2.0. He believes that the present stage is mainly controlled by corporations of the web and is highly susceptible to manipulation.

He stated:

“The only element missing from web 3.0 is decentralization as well know it blockchain… it is the 5th element that will allow us to move back to the ideas upon which Web 1.0 was built.”

Web 1.0 and 3.0 are the first and third stages of the World Wide Web respectively.

Ivanov believes that the next logical step would be to transfer from web 2.0 into a society that is far past the traditional governments. With the aid of technology, the world can now move to a fully decentralized system. 

Ivanov stated:

“… we will move to a digital society, replacing social consensus with a technical one. It will minimize corruption as there will be a protocol of action that would set up and enact laws that will be followed by default, in the same way as our world was presented with the laws of physics in the first place.”

Ivanov also suggested a method that can be adopted in order to facilitate this process. This method would be ‘mass tokenization’. He shared that tokenization is possible with almost anything. It is a cheap means whereby there is no need for a regulator either.

A slide from his presentation during the discussion read as follows:

  1. Social communication systems are changing both in their structure and nature. They change not only society but also an individual.
  2. The main driver of the changes is undoubtedly the Internet! The transition to a new society essentially depends on the speed of development of internet technologies.
  3. Since WEB 3.0 is based on the concept of decentralization and the lack of the need for trust to centralized authorities, the transition to WEB 3.0 is impossible without the use of blockchain technologies.

Jimmy Wales took a slightly different stance, saying that while digital transformation has brought in great development and speed in the world today, it may not be accepted and welcomed by everybody. Wales said:

… millions of jobs are going to disappear very quickly and then we will have all of those people whose job has been driving a truck, and they suddenly would not have that job anymore. … They may not be happy and they are going to vote for things that may not actually solve their problems, because their problems are much more fundamentally long term about the changes that are coming from technology, and not about this or that policy of today.”

He also seemed skeptical about Ivanov’s idea of bringing in technical consensus to replace social consensus. Wales con

“… its human beings that have to make these decisions, and we have to come to some consensus around technology and around what will happen in the future, otherwise we are gonna see a lot of, really quiet dangerous politics come up.”

Wales emphasized on the internet as being a platform where everybody is on the same level, and everybody has equal access as well as say in what goes on.

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