Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson’s perspective of Lisk [LSK] after he left the advisory board

Charles Hoskinson, former CEO of Ethereum [ETH] and Founder of Cardano [ADA] spoke about his perspective of Lisk [LSK] during his recent surprise Ask Me Anything [AMA] session conducted on Youtube. Notably, he was the former non-fiduciary advisor at the Lisk Foundation.

During the AMA session, he was questioned on what he thought of Lisk ever since he resigned from the advisory board. Responding to this, Charles first briefed all his users on how he came across Lisk. He elaborated on how he met the Founders and joined the advisory board of the Lisk Foundation as a non-fiduciary advisor.

He said that after giving them advice for six months, he became increasingly frustrated because according to him things were moving too slowly and his advice wasn’t being listened to, or being listened to but not being executed in a way that made sense.

He said:

“People have diverging visions but the thing was that I was consuming money from Lisk project by being there and I felt that I was morally irresponsible to be an advisor to a project where I was being paid but not really doing much. So I said, well, I keep what you’ve paid me and then for the other six months, you go ahead and keep that and I’ll bow out.”

He further added:

“Project that Microsoft released called Project Bletchley, which was kind of like a blockchain as a service project and there’s a litany of things you could imagine, like consensus as a service or a storage as a service and I felt that that was good direction for Lisk to go into as kind of a direction that EOS has been pursuing.”

Foddersan, a Redditor pitched in, saying:

“I recall when he left as a Lisk Advisor, I felt there was some miscommunication between him and the team. But it seems he views Lisk’s decision favorably now. Very glad to see.”

The founder of Cardano believes that ever since he left, Lisk has grown a lot with some great people and have done a lot of work. According to him, Lisk is one of the most active blockchain projects and he hopes that it would become a great platform for people to use.

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