Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson talks about the Google meet-up – says there’s no collaboration

Charles Hoskinson, former CEO of Ethereum and the Founder of Cardano held a surprise Ask me Anything [AMA] session on 7th July 2018. During the session, Charles covered various questions asked by the Cardano community, including the Google-Cardano buzz going on in the market.

The Google-Cardano possible partnership buzz started doing its roundabout in the crypto-verse ever since the IOHK team released the transcript of their meeting on their official blog on 28th June 2018. According to the transcript published by IOHK, Charles and the Google team are seen discussing various topics related to the Oroborus, Cardano roadmap, privacy and more.

To this, the Founder of Cardano clarifies that there is no partnership with Google. He said that the initial meet-up was supposed to be held on Ireland but later on he was called down to the London office and there they covered a series of questions related to cryptocurrency, the technology of Cardano and the role IOHK plays.

Charles further adds that he had a discussion with Google regarding the release of the transcript and Google said no to its release as transcripts take a lot of time. The team worked on it for a month and released the transcript because of which they received an ‘overwhelmingly large response.’ The release of the transcript led to the speculation of a possible Google partnership.

He says:

“Google is a multi-national company. It is one of the largest most powerful engineering companies in the world. They have some phenominal scientists working at Google, from world famous cryptographers to infosec people. If Google is going to do a cryptocurrency, Google does not need to partner with Ethereum or Bitcoin or anything else. They’re just going to go ahead and do their own thing.”

Charles further adds:

“Google is a good patron of open-source technology and many of their employees do invest their weekends and at least one day a week on contributing to open source project and Google does have a very large internal cryptocurerncy and blockchain mailing list and a lot of their employees love this space.”

He concluded by saying that Google would go its own way and do its own thing at a high level like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. He said that there is always an opportunity for them to collaborate and if they have some idea or if Google has some idea, they would definitely go ahead and pursue it.

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