Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson on guiding strategies for micro-cap coins

On 27th July, Nick Hellman from Learn Crypto, a YouTube channel for the crypto-community, conducted an interview with Cardano’s Founder Charles Hoskinson. The discussion was centered around Hoskinson acting as an advisor to the micro-cap coins post their ICO phase. He also spoke about ZenCash [ZEN] and his experience working with the team.

In the last straw of the interview, Hellman asked Hoskinson about him being on the Board of Advisors of small coins such as Storm or ZenCash, in terms of how it helps those coins and Cardano in return.

Here, Hoskinson explained that he serves as an advisor for the projects that are past their ICO phase. This is for the reason that the pre-ICO phase is all about raising money. He said:

“So occasionally I serve as an advisor for projects… Almost always it’s post-ICO. If you serve pre ICO you’re there to help them raise the money, so they don’t really care if you actually give advice or not they want your face on the website because that adds money right so I don’t like that.”

Then he went on to say that he provides these projects with strategic advice in all the areas from technology to community building and regulatory frameworks.

He also told Hellman that one of the areas he wanted to contribute to was the privacy space, which led him to ZenCash. He mentioned ZenCash as a team of people who are easy to work with. Furthermore, Hellman joined in and said that ZenCash is not merely a peer-to-peer digital currency and is building a multiple-pillared structure of usability.

Earlier this year, ZenCash also underwent a 51% attack on the network where it lost about $550,000 in a double-spend transaction. This encouraged discussions about Treasury systems and sidechains to take place between the ZenCash team and Hoskinson, which he found to be interesting.

About two months back, Cardano announced its collaboration with ZenCash before the launch of the coin. Cardano assisted the ZenCash team on developing codes, fixing bugs and conducting tests. Moreover, Cardano worked with the team for a good few months in developing the core for ZenCash.

Regarding the returns from such partnerships for Cardano or ADA, Hoskinson stated that IOHK, the blockchain company founded by him, is a research-oriented blockchain company that has a science division, an engineering division and more. He also revealed that IOHK is not just a company with Cardano in focus but is working on several announced projects as well.

He made a point that solving all the existing issues cannot be done with a single ecosystem. While Emurgo, Cardano’s venture builder company is focused on the ADA token, Hoskinson conveyed that his goals are more aligned with improving the technology of ADA to achieve the best results. This can only be possible through multiple ecosystems.

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