Boeing takes blockchain technology to the air, plans to revolutionize the industry

The world of aviation and unmanned vehicles is receiving a boost from the blockchain industry with Boeing announcing its plans to adopt the technology in its future projects. On 17th July, Boeing has announced that SparkCognition will work with the aviation giant to adopt blockchain in UAV tracking and allocation of flight corridors.

Greg Hysolp, the Chief Technological Officer of Boeing stated that:

 “We are at a point in history where technological advances and societal trends are converging to demand bold solutions and a different way to travel.”

The tie-up between Boeing and SparkCognition will also provide a standardized programming interface to support package delivery, industrial inspection, and other commercial applications.

Boeing is also making its own division to take care of these special projects called Boeing NeXt. The department will focus on developing practical products using upcoming technologies, blockchain being on the forefront.

Hysolp also said:

“Boeing has the experience and expertise to safely and efficiently shape this emerging world of travel and transport.Through Boeing NeXt, we intend to build on our legacy of opening up new frontiers to move people and goods with proven technologies.”

Boeing and SparkCognition are set to use blockchain technology to make a more secure and seamless tracking system that surpasses the benefits of satellite tracking. The proposed system will be used to track drones at individual points in the airspace as well as when they pass through their designated traffic windows. The system will also allow the users on ground to improve delivery systems and target-location inspections.

Amir Husain, the Founder, and CEO of SparkCognition commented that:

“Estimated by some analysts at $3 trillion, the urban aerial mobility opportunity will lead to the creation of the largest new market in our lifetimes.”

Further, he mentioned:

“The world’s No. 1 aviation leader partnering with the world’s most innovative industrial AI Company means that unparalleled experience in safety, innovation, scale and reliability will be brought to bear to address this monumental opportunity.”

With blockchain already being implemented in fields like trucking and shipping, it was only expected that the technology would be adopted by the aviation sector. Boeing’s HorizonX will also work hand in hand with NeXt to execute this project. Steve Norlund, Vice President of HorizonX and head of the upcoming NeXt remarked:

“By taking a holistic approach that combines Boeing’s strength in technological innovation with new business models and non-traditional partnerships, we are laying the foundation for the future commercial mobility ecosystem,”

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